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An upgraded version of our best-selling Black Magic Margin pole.

Ultra strong, stiff and remarkably light considering the immense power available from this “beast tamer”! Strong enough for any size of pole elastic and any size of fish. The large diameter tip eliminates or minimises the need to cut the pole back so no lost length. Strength, quality and value in the Black Magic tradition!

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This reel series rightly bears the Black Magic® name and offers a fantastic price-performance ratio. 2 spring-loaded line clips with large recesses ensure easy clipping of your line, while the robust bail arm provides good rotor balance. The large recesses reduce the spool weight as well as being a nice eye-catcher. Black Magic®, as always, outstanding tackle at low cost.


The Browning Fish Counter is a great for keeping track of the exact number of fish in your net. Simply press the button to add a fish. The other button will reset your counter to 0. This can be very handy at venues, and in disciplines, where bag limits are imposed.

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Browning’s Sphere brand represents products with innovative designs and premium+ quality – for anglers who demand the best. Sphere luggage is made using a very high quality, specialist PVC material with distinctive carbon effect finish. Good looking, long lasting and very practical.