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Landing Net Accessories

Landing Net Accessories

Landing Net Accessories to go with Carp landing nets.

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  • Designed to prevent your landing device from sinking, you simply slide one onto the handle and secure it using the Velcro strap. This adds fantastic buoyancy to make netting your catch much easier. The elasticated retainer prevents any snagging.


  • Made from 300D PU polyester
  • Ultra buoyant
  • Elasticated retainer to stop the net from snagging
  • Velcro webbing strap
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  • A slim net float with a Velcro strap
  • Fits over your spreader block with draw-cords at top and bottom
  • Keeps the float firmly in position
  • Features a small elastic loop on the back
  • Designed so you can pull your excess mesh through
  • Great for extra manoeuvrability
  • Dimensions: Size: 20cm x 5cm
  • Material: 210D PVC Backed
  • Automatic on/off system thanks to the built-in motion sensor
  • Built-in white and red light options
  • Long-life ultra bright LED's
  • Waterproof design
  • Custom designed heavy duty spreader block
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Brilliant if you’ve managed to loose or damage your net assembly or simply want to replace a less reliable moulded plastic version. Designed to fit the arms of any 42 Inch landing net head, these are precision engineered from high grade Aluminium and come fitted with a standard 3/8 Inch screw thread.  

  • This is perfect for the angler that likes to remove the handle after landing the fish - this is not the only use for this however - it shares the universal thread that is used on bank sticks so it can be used with bite alarms, rod rests and a multitude of box accessories too!
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  • Made to fit all brands with a 42" (107cm) frame size. It has been crafted using a deep and soft netting in a weedy green colour, making it great if yours gets torn by a snag.


  • Fits all in their range.
  • Deep, soft, weed green netting
  • Great quality for a great price
  • Can also fit other select nets.

Available as replacement meshes. Olive green to blend in with green sack material at the top and all soft Hex mesh to be light when wet. Available in shallow mesh, the shallow net is 70cm deep to the pan base and suits those wanting a light weight mesh.

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Product available with different options

42” Camo Landing Net Mesh

Replacement mesh for 42” Horizon Nets

Styled in the unique “Fox Camo”

Deep, soft mesh

Reinforced fabric corners

Will fit most 42” Landing nets


46” Camo Landing Net Mesh

Replacement mesh for 46” Horizon Nets

Styled in the unique “Fox Camo”

Deep, soft mesh

Reinforced fabric corners

Will fit most 46” Landing nets

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Being able to safely retain your net whilst you are fishing has a number of advantages. Being able to have your net in situation whilst you are fishing making for easy netting, secondly being able to safely keep your net at the waters edge means your quarry remains safe with no risk of escape or any damage coming to your net.

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Poised & Ready To Scoop

The Subterfuge Net Floats elastic loops secure net mesh away from brambles, boat rowlocks and other tricky obsticals, manining your net is always poised and ready to scoop when your next PB breaks the surface.

The Subterfuge Net Float boasts a camo fnish neoprene, high buoyancy and is available in two sizes.