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The Korda Skyliner Spod is a cross breed of all the best parts of modern day bait rockets. It is the end result of many thousands of hours spodding by team Korda.

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Constructed from the highest quality wood to ensure that it pops up even at extreme ranges. Its thin diameter and uniquely shaped flights makes it very stable when casting in windy conditions. The plastic base cap increased durability when coming into contact with gravel bars & weed beds.

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The Korda Kutter is a tool designed to slice boilies in half, you simply scoop a tube full of boilies then push them through the tube with the plunger provided, the boilies simply come out the end cut into 2.

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Korda Krusha
The Korda Krusher is a brilliant new item that takes the hard work out of chopping your pellets and particles up to use in spod and stick mixes.

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The latest addition to the Korda family, the Infuza. We didn’t think that there was a glug pot out there that did it all, so we decided to design our own. There’s more to this ingenious pot than meets the eye. In fact, it’s the first hook bait container that allows you to achieve a perfectly even coating of liquid attractants, without the risk of over-loading the baits and affecting buoyancy.

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  • Korda's new Marker Elastic
  • is a simple soft elastic designed for marking your line. Coloured in the high visibility Korda green and supplied on 6m spool. This Marker Elastic has been heavily tested, making sure it does not damage your line and that it flows through your rods rings as easy as possible.
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  • Unique lead fin
  • Lands with the hookbait on top every time
  • Bait shield reduces groundbait loss on the cast
  • Prevents line twist
  • Tri-lobe design for easy retrieve
  • Guaranties perfect presentation every time