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Guru Rig Bits

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These strong Snap Link & Swivel waggler adaptors are perfect for pellet wagglers and other big wagglers. They feature a swivel which will not come undone under load..

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These are a simple twisted spike with a ring on the end that pushes into tough boilies or artifical hook baits, this makes it very quick to change baits. 

To mount the bait simply push the spike into the bait, right up to the eye, this will give a very secure attachment, even if you are casting a long way and really giving the cast a lot of force.

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Rotating to prevent line twist, these are made to allow you to quickly change hooklengths in seconds, whilst still offering strength and security to your setup!

Perfect for use with helicopter arrangements, or for a quick change hooklength rig on the traditional or pellet waggler.

6 per pack.

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  • Easy and safe to use
  • Slamo style design
  • Over moulded handle
  • Designed for comfortable grip
  • Compact and strong
  • Suitable for hook sizes 10-18
  • Designed for the safe removal of the QM1 or smaller hook patterns
  • Also available is the Conti Disgorger
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The Micro Lead Clip is a mini version of the lead clips that specimen carp anglers have used for years. These clips have been sculpted so that the lines are smooth and resist tangles in flight.

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Major breakthrough in bait stop design

Designed to make baiting quick & easy

Eliminate the need for a hair rig loop

Can be used with small & large size baits

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The In-Line Tail Rubbers are shaped to fit the Guru In-Line Pellet and Method feeders. They help to streamline the feeder, eliminating the chance of tangles in flight. They are available in packs of ten.