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Welcome to the Todber Manor Fisheries Website

Todber Manor Fisheries is set in 125 acres of Dorset countryside and is home to some of the finest carp and coarse fishing in the South West.

On-site there are 11 lakes totalling twenty eight acres, which includes 4 specimen carp lakes, a runs water and 6 match/pleasure fishing lakes. The lakes are well known for their carp fishing but they also provide one of the few places in Dorset to catch a Catfish. The match lakes provide 90 pegs which are available for match bookings. The on-site tackle shop is one of the biggest in the U.K and stocks all major brands.

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There are three rods in the range built with the same 40t Low Resin Carbon as the carp rod range. The rods are finished with our 1k Clone reel seat, S-Lite guides and full cork handles with stainless steel fittings as standard.

This is a great all round stalking as well as an 11’ Floater rod, test curver is around 2.5lb.

We also sell a lot of these as a general small water rod as they have a great fish playing action but plenty of power when needed, available in Full Cork or Abbreviated handle options.


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An easy way to connect your lures to your leader with ease. The clip is secure and will hold your lures in place but allows you to quickly change them when needed such as changing the weight or type of lure. The snap has a wide loop design to ensure complete movement of the lure. A good option when using lures that wobble such as spoons and hard lures.

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These rods are designed for small to medium Spombs/Spods or Bait Up Feeders, they wil achieve ranges of upto around 100m, they have a softer tip which helps to launche the Spomb/Feeder straighter and truer meaning more accuracy and greater distances than youd think with a shorter rod.

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These rods are designed for small to medium Spombs/Spods or Bait Up Feeders, they wil achieve ranges of upto around 100m, they have a softer tip which helps to launche the Spomb/Feeder straighter and truer meaning more accuracy and greater distances than youd think with a shorter rod.

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These are one of the easiest and fastest ways of attaching small hair rigged hook baits.  They are strong enough not to bend and these short section spikes can be pushed right inside mini boilies, dumbells and wafters providing perfect bait presentation and total casting confidence.
20 per packet

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Perfectly drilled ball weights with a dead centre bore lined with silicon to protect against line damage. Ideal for adding the required weight to non loaded Pellet wagglers, and an essential partner for Muggler, and mini muggler floats. Once they’re secured in place to your mainline with rubber float stops they genuinely improve casting performance and dive more shallow. Ideal for venues where pressured fish have become warry of a heavy splash and a deep diving float, especially in shallower water.

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ATW9 Light and cool sunglasses that you can use both for fishing and wearing in town. With a havana look and yellow temples, this bow makes it really challenging and cool. With the Premium Sight lens, you get high quality polarization here and since the lenses are very light, these sunglasses are very light. Nice for them who wears the glasses for a whole day. With the copper lens that is a little brighter, you get glasses that work in both sunny and overcast weather.

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Fishing glasses that is completely designed for sport fishing. With wide sides for minimal sunlight, with large lenses to see well. With our popular Premium + lenses, you will have rested eyes and experience total focus throughout the day. With a copper lens together with a silver mirror, you get a pair of fishing glasses that can withstand both overcast and sunny weather.

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The Fox EOS 2 Man Bivvy gives you a completely weatherproof protection at a price you can afford, making it the perfect shelter for those new to overnighting.  Made to a two rib, pram hood design, braced with full frame support that will keep your bankside shelter strong and stable in the wildest of carp fishing weather, and ensure that you stay warm and dry no matter what the forecast.

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The Inception Pole Rollers build on the success of the Competition Pro rollers with several key improvements. All three rollers provide the angler with ultimate stability and reliability and all feature telescopic extending legs meaning that the height of each leg can be individually adjusted according to the terrain.

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Product Overview

  • Compact design ideal for use with multiple nets as required on many commercial venues
  • Durable fish safe Carp mesh
  • Heavy duty plastic rings and grab handles
  • Strong dual position threaded connector block
  • Length 2.5m
  • Size 45cm x 35cm
  • Constructed from 100% polyester mesh
  • Pack of 3 nets
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Designed to take the strain out of getting the now mountainous amount of gear which match anglers take to their pegs, the support bar is fully adjustable to suit our OnBox and Space Station designs and it can also be turned around making the shuttle suitable for a wide range of other boxes.

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  • This edition includes the benefit of extending side rails, meaning you can store more luggage for those longer sessions.
  • Includes a quick-release wheel system which makes it easier to put together, or collapse down for storing in your vehicle.
  • Supplied with a drop in bag that sits under the barrow for extra storage potential.
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Updated With A Micro Feece Padded Skirt

The famous Indulgence Moon Chair comfort, now updated with a micro ?eece padded skirt and embossed Indulgence logo around the luxury peachskin covered mattress fnished in the unique Nash camo.

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  • High solubility and digestibility even in cold water conditions
  • Powerful, rich, long-lasting natural taste
  • Open texture for rapid diffusion and maximum attractor leakage
  • Strong, distinctive, highly attractive savoury aroma
  • Rich in nutrients and amino acids derived from high quality proteins
  • Contains Haiths Robin Red®, Tuna, shellfish and vegetable extracts