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Key Features

  • Designed for fishing in shallow or weedy areas
  • Preloaded and ready-to-fish
  • Easy to attach to your line
  • Pre-threaded on individual wires
  • Can be re-used with float stops
  • Use after initial use as an in-line weighted float
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Designed to provide stronger hair rigs when fishing for bigger fish. Powerful Smokescreen braid and Japanese hooks provide the perfect camouflaged hair rig.

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A really useful tool from Korum for anyone who's struggled to get a hookbait on that bait band. A task that can become frustratingly difficult with cold fingers and slippery hands. The simple to use thumb press operated mega bander makes short work of banding on pellets, dumbells and other hookbaits. Just place the band through the prongs and press the plunger to open them up to receive your bait. A great way to get a securely banded bait every time.