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Matrix Terminal Tackle

Matrix Terminal Tackle

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  • Designed to cope with the strenuous effect of heavy feeders and river fishing, these work perfectly as part of a running rig.
  • The stiff link creates a boom section that can help prevent tangles.
  • Made from super stiff 0.60mm Fluorocarbon link material.
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Key Features

  • Designed and tested in conjunction with Jamie Hughes
  • Available in three size: Small, Medium &Large
  • Supplied with an Extender, Sprinkle Lid and Drip Lid
  • Constructed using flexible TPR material to prevent carbon damage
  • Designed to provide protection during transportation
  • Ideal for preventing damage to soft feeder tips
  • Compact shape to hold rods securely in position
  • Constructed from Neoprene
  • Secure Velcro fastening straps
  • 1 pair per pack
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  • Perfect for helping you to catch lots up in the water column
  • The clear body reduces the chances of fish spooking
  • Pre-loaded weights ensure the float cocks without adding extra shot
  • The weights on the Pellet Wagglers are removable
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  • Taken from the carp world but made smaller from match and specialist anglers.
  • Can be fished with pellets or dumb bell mini boilies.
  • Makes the hooking of fish easier Perfect for fishing with small popup baits on a method feeder.
  • x10 per pack.
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Also ideal for use with groundbait, these have been designed to hold bait on impact, or when fishing in deeper water.

The line releases through a plastic ‘hood’, whilst the stem sits internally which helps keep the hook bait closer.

Each comes supplied with a mini stem and quick-change bead.

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