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Drennan Line

Drennan Line

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  • 50m spools
  • Clear colour
  • Supple
  • Excellent abrasion resistance
  • High knot strength
  • High resistance to shot damage
  • Ideal for float and feeder hooklengths
  • Ideal for pole rigs
  • 12 sizes
  • 1lb 4oz to 10lb
  • 0.08mm to 0.24mm
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The frequent colour changes of this fast sinking braid help to break up the line of the hooklink as it lays along the bottom. Similarly the 3 different brown tomes provide seriously good camouflage when fishing over gravel on lakes or rivers. This extra strong, extra supple dyneema based braid makes a great hooklength material for the specialist big fish angler. Available in 8lb,10lb,12lb & 15lb.

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The Drennan Acolyte Fluorocarbon is made from a new hi-tech material that is thinner, softer and stronger than other fluorocarbons. Being 100% pure fluorocarbon offers superior performance and stealth, as it has a refractive index very close to that of water, making it the ultimate hook-length material.

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Thin, and tightly woven, this eight-carrier braided mainline offers a silky-smooth surface finish!

Suited to distance or bomb fishing, bite detection is much improved due to its zero-stretch characteristic, which also keeps you in direct contact with your rig!

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Drennan Acolyte Bait Up Braid, This silky smooth 8 strand braid has been extensively field-tested over two seasons. It's proven to be tough, strong and long-term durable.

At 24lb (10.8kg) nominal breaking strain and just 0.17mm diameter, its the perfect diameter for casting fully loaded bait up feeders with accuracy. The dark green colour reduces the risk of spooking fish already in your swim.