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You ask the question how you can improve the best? Well, it has happened! Take a look at this stunning new range that has been intensely tested to create a revolutionary new hollo range offering the perfect hybrid between solid and hollow. It offers all of the advantages of hollow without the possibility of flattening or air bubbles.

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  • Manufactured from the very highest quality raw materials
  • Delivers trouble-free, consistent performance
  • Available in 7 different strengths
  • Designed to suit all carp fishing situations
  • From 7H up to a very powerful 19H
  • Thoroughly tested by our consultants
  • Comes in 3m lengths in a sealed bag
  • Ensures it stays in perfect condition
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HELD08    Dura Hollo Size 8      Blue
HELD10    Dura Hollo Size 10    Green
HELD12    Dura Hollo Size 12    Purple
HELD14    Dura Hollo Size 14    Dark Blue
HELD16    Dura Hollo Size 16    Yellow
HELD18    Dura Hollo Size 18    Black

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Key Features

  • New fully patented pole elastic system
  • Offers multi-phase performance with a wide scale of ratings within one set up
  • Perfect for mixed fisheries and high catch rate venues
  • Available in various sizes and colours
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With extensive stretch, and high endurance, this is solid enough for fishing on mixed fisheries!

Works well on puller kits and lower diameter top kits, with colours and ratings to match the Hydrolastic

3m lengths.


  • Yellow 3-5
  • Pink 4-6
  • Blue 5-8
  • White 6-10
  • Grey 10-14
  • Black 12-16
  • Purple 14-18
  • Red 16-20
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Practical dispenser containing 180 cm of woven spring steel, to be kept handy in the panier at all times. With this very latest device, the assembly of any elastic paddle of any size on classic hollow tips and filler tips is made easy.

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  • 6 sizes to cover all styles of pole fishing
  • Constructed from 100% pure latex
  • Ultra-bright fluorescent colours
  • Amber core throughout the range
  • Supplied in 3m lengths
  • Available in 6 sizes from 6-8 (1.40mm) through to 16-18 (2.60mm).
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The new solid elastic ROYAL is produced from a blend of the latest generation latex polymers. These ingredients have bought a perfect balance of elasticy and elongation without sacrificing the strenght of the elastic. The identifying colours are of an opaque nature and have been specially chosen to guarantee the elastic longer life.

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A complete range of solid core elastics from Drennan. The power pull elastic is a high performance elastic with an extra smooth surface finish. Extremely tough and durable with a low diameter to strength ratio and superb stretch and recovery. Each pack comes with a 6 meter length of elastic, enough to fit out two top kits. 

Power Pull is so accurate, Drennan have done away with traditional elastic ratings, simply giving the true diameter.  A bit like accurate quiver tips, which quote the correct test curve, they believe it wont take long before anglers get to understand exactly what each diameter can achieve.

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The Range:

  • Aqua – 4-6 F1 & Silverfish Bungee (1.5mm)
  • Green – 6-8 Carp Bungee (1.8mm)
  • Yellow – 10-12 Carp Bungee (2.1mm)
  • Pink – 14-16 Carp Bungee (2.5mm)
  • Red – 18-20 Carp Bungee (2.9mm)
  • Orange – 25+ Power Bungee (3.6mm)

*Please note: All stated diameters are nominal as natural latex tubing can vary slightly.

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MAP TKS Solid Core Hybrid elastic combines the durability of a solid elastic, but with more stretch than a hollow elastic and is perfect for silver fish through to carp depending on size. This new hybrid elastic is so much better than solid elastics in performance in durability and stretch factor.

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Extremely durable, the new MAP TKS Twin Core Elastics is available in eight different sizes to cover all situations. The transparent inner core ensures the elastic retracts faster than standard solid elastics, and the coloured outer gives it an incredible stretch ratio. Each packet contains a 6m length of elastic, making this extremely good value.