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    You ask the question how you can improve the best? Well, it has happened! Take a look at this stunning new range that has been intensely tested to create a revolutionary new hollo range offering the perfect hybrid between solid and hollow. It offers all of the advantages of hollow without the possibility of flattening or air bubbles.

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    Manufactured from the very highest quality raw materials Delivers trouble-free, consistent performance Available in 7 different strengths Designed to suit all carp fishing situations From 7H up to a very powerful 19H Thoroughly tested by our consultants Comes in 3m lengths in a sealed bag Ensures it stays in perfect condition

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    HELD08    Dura Hollo Size 8      BlueHELD10    Dura Hollo Size 10    GreenHELD12    Dura Hollo Size 12    PurpleHELD14    Dura Hollo Size 14    Dark BlueHELD16    Dura Hollo Size 16    YellowHELD18    Dura Hollo Size 18    Black

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    The Range: Aqua – 4-6 F1 & Silverfish Bungee (1.5mm) Green – 6-8 Carp Bungee (1.8mm) Yellow – 10-12 Carp Bungee (2.1mm) Pink – 14-16 Carp Bungee (2.5mm) Red – 18-20 Carp Bungee (2.9mm) Orange – 25+ Power Bungee (3.6mm) *Please note: All stated diameters are nominal as natural latex tubing can vary slightly.

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    Key Features New fully patented pole elastic system Offers multi-phase performance with a wide scale of ratings within one set up Perfect for mixed fisheries and high catch rate venues Available in various sizes and colours

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    Hi quaility pure latex elastic. The elastic is subjected to meticulous tests during production that guarantee a constant diameter, delivering a consistant progressive stretch time after time. The innovative treatment coating process allows a perfect return into the tip after its elongation, even when the elastic is wet.

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    Double silicone material Flexible and soft strength Elasticity up to 7 times Long lasting Perfect glide, high abrasion resistant Low memory 3m

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