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DMS Visi Box Range DMS is an acronym for Drennan Modular System. The DMS range begins with the Visi Boxes which come in Large, Medium and Small sizes. The dimensions of the Visi Boxes are deliberately interconnected amongst themselves and to the Large and Small Carryalls.

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The MAGIC NETS are mainly designed to enable ventilation of the lures and bait during those hot Summer competitions, thereby guaranteeing an ever fresh and active bait.

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• Protects the surroundings from bad smells
• Prevents liquid seepage
• Light
• Indestructible
• Can be folded to save space
The KANGURO will allow you to keep winder trays, reel spools, catapults, sundry small accessories, nylons, spools, floats and much more besides in perfect order, while also protecting them from bad weather and from sunlight.
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