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Tangles are feared by every carp angler, so we’ve designed a product for mesh PVA bag fishing that avoids this problem. Simply attach the PVA Metal Clip to your lead, slide on a PVA bag and hook in your rig. Done!

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Designed to perfectly cover any QC swivel or metalware, whilst still leaving enough space for your hooklink to pivot and act naturally. Perfect for use with QC Bag Stems, QC Lead Clips and all QC metalware.

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Designed so you can attach your main line directly to the top of the stem, Bag Stems allow you to pre-tie your solid bags before use. Our latest design is stronger and easier to use than ever and is now finished in our Outline camo. The bags stems also now have the swivel molded directly into the stem which increases strength and durability.

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The QC Bag Stems make easy work of changing rigs whilst using Solid PVA bag presentations, the bag stems give the perfect platform in which to construct a compact finished bag.


Everything you need to safely attach a weight and hooklength to your semi-fixed rig. Finished in a disruptive camo pattern. In the event of a breakoff above your rig, the weight can safely eject so the fish isn’t towing it around.

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  • This does exactly what their name says! By reducing jumbles and knots, it helps to turn more bites into hooked fish as your rig is kept in pristine condition.
  • Available in either a standard or X-Large size
  • 10 Per Pack
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