Lake Prices

  • Day Ticket £8.00
  • 24 Hour Ticket £15.00

Call us on 01258 820 384 to make a Booking

Lake Description

Hill View Lake is 2.5 acres in size with 2 islands and has 28 pegs. The lake can be easily accessed from the stone track that runs the majority of the way around the lake and is within walking distance of the holiday cottages. Different to our other pleasure coarse lakes, Hill View is set to be a water that accommodates all disciplines of  coarse angling. The carp angler can sit behind bite alarms fishing for the decent numbers of carp between 8lb and 12lb, while the match/pleasure angler will be able switch between feeder, waggler and pole tactics to bag up on the huge head of small carp, tench and bream present in the lake.

The match lakes provide 90 pegs which are available for match bookings. (Minimum 10 anglers.)

Holiday Cottage residents will be entitled to free fishing on Hill View during the length of their stay.

Latest Catch Reports

Hill View open match result 14/4/18
16 April, 2018

26 anglers fished our open on Hill View.(14/4/18)  Results: 1st: Lee...

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Silverfish Final Result on Hillview, Ash and Homeground.
04 April, 2018

Silver Fish Final Result. 33 anglers fished today's Silver Fish Final...

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Hill View, Ash and Homeground open match result 24/3/18
26 March, 2018

35 anglers fished Ash, Hillview and Homeground (24/3/18) 1st Ian 'Roly'...

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Hill View and Ash Open Match Result 17/3/18
19 March, 2018

14 anglers fished our open on Hill View and Ash.(17/3/18)...

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Hill View Open Match Result 10/3/18
12 March, 2018

16 anglers fished our open on Hill View (10/3/18). Results: 1st:...

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Lake Rules

  • Strictly no litter to be left
  • No keepnets
  • Barbless hooks only
  • Fish from designated pegs only
  • All fish to be returned where caught
  • Strictly no driving on the grass
  • All day tickets must be purchased from the tackle shop before commencing fishing
  • All children under the age of 12 must be accompanied by an adult
  • An EA rod licence is required