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At Todber Manor we stock a wide range of keepnets from all of the top match fishing brands, We also do both the carp keepnets as well as the silver fish keepnets.

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Ideal for small carp or F1’s. This unique keepnet can be used as a traditional keepnet, or a compact net where big weights of small carp or f1’s are expected, thanks to the sliding tilt fitting. This 2.5m keepnet features reinforced pull through bottom rings, with a complete silvermesh throughout.

£76.99 - £17.00
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Can be used in multiple positions, and at 3 metres in length, this is very durable and fish friendly!

Made from a soft fine polyester, the alloy frame is strong and includes reinforced ring taping and superior corner protection on the underside.


  • 3m length
  • Pull through handles
  • Coated rings
  • Weighted base rings
  • Angling Foundation approved
  • Multi-position angle lock
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A new addition to our range of keepnets is the Garbodrome range. Made from superstong reinforced carp mesh these are perfect for big nets of big commercial carp. This rectangular model has a large top diameter and features solid metal rings throughout giving greater strength and durability.

  • Super strong reinforced mesh
  • Metal rings
  • Pull through handles
  • Multi-tilt angle lock fitting
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A next level keepnet from Drennan with all those extra touches that make life easier when your out on the bank. Manufactured from a super soft specialist carp sacking throughout with the top ring featuring a hook resistant material. All the bottom rings are weighted to sink and have large diameter loops so they can be staked out with a bankstick. The bottom three rings are slightly reduced in size so they can be easily pulled through when your weighing in. Finished with a super secure fail safe anti tilt mechanism.