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    Offers unrivalled hooking potential Aggressively in-turned eye Non-reversed bend Sweeping shank Super sharp point Fantastic hook pattern

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    Features a matt electro-plated finish Plating has been removed from point area during sharpening The honing process produces an incredibly sharp, long tapered straight point Supplied with point protectors to ensure they arrive in pristine condition Manufactured from forged, double tempered, high carbon steel wire for strength

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    Super sharp, long tapered, chemically etched straight point CVRs feature a medium length curved shank Features a wide gape and non reverse bend A 20 in-turned eye ensures optimum hooking performance Can be used with any type of hooklink

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    3x Ronnie Rigs per packet Available in sizes 4 and 6 Made with mat Covert components Includes the new XT Kwik Lok Flexi-Ring Swivels Manufactured in the UK

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