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  • The original buoyant corn!
  • Changed the face of modern carp fishing
  • Often copied but never bettered
  • Responsible for thousands of large carp
  • Landed record Carp, plus specimen Tench and Bream
  • Infused with special flavours
  • Soft enough to hair rig or hook directly
  • Use on there own or combine with real corn
  • Pop your baits up or counter balance them
  • Available in different colours and flavour
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  • Maggot fishing can be a deadly tactic for carp
  •  Ideal for fishing in the winter months
  •  Discovered by Rob Maylin
  •  Results in efficient hooking
  •  Also helps disguise the hook
  •  Maximises the line aligner effect
  •  Made from harder plastic than the normal grubs
  •  Straight in appearance
  •  Popular maggot colours
  •  20 baits per pack
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Key Features

  • Imitation dog biscuits
  • Now supplied with counter weights
  • Ensures the hook always remains on top
  • Also means the bait sits low in the water
  • Just like a 'real' waterlogged biscuit
  • To use simply nick the hook through
  • Use specialist type hooks in size 8 or 10
  • Two different sizes supplied
  • Five baits per pack
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Our Mag-Aligner grubs have been developed specifically for the rig to Rob’s exact specification. Made from a much harder material than our imitation maggots to maximise the line aligner effect, they are also straight in appearance which helps when threading them on the rig.

Product available with different options
  • Can be used in a number of different ways
  • And have proved very effective for Carp
  • Tench and Bream
  • Work best when used with real maggots
  • Either as loose feed or in PVA bags
  • Resists the attention of nuisance species
  • Including crayfish
  • Pack contains 16 in 2 different sizes
  • (15 &20mm long)
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The Big Buoyant corn has 18 grains (6 giant, 6 extra large and 6 large) plus two strips of complementary small yellow ESP hair stops. Like on the smaller sizes, selected grains feature a hair stop recess on the side or on the end to allow for lengthways or sideways presentation, whilst other grains have no recess.

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Buoyant plastic sweetcorn hookbaits. Use single/multiple grains or in combination with boilies for a visible and durable hookbait over spod mixes, in PVA bags or over particle. Available in Small and Large.


The Nash Floating Dog Biscuit are durable 13mm plastic floating hookbaits that can be hair rigged, direct hooked or mounted with Zig Screws. Two colours offer options to accurately match both dog biscuit and floating pellet free offerings.

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ESP Surface Mixer are buoyant artificial mixer hookbaits for surface feeding carp. The two sizes of mixer complement size 8 and 10 Cryogen Surface hooks perfectly.

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Enterprise Tackle imitation Dog Biscuits have been developed to overcome some of the problems associated with other similar products currently available.

The inclusion of a counterweight into one side ensures that the hook always remains on top, out of view of any wary fish. It also ensures that the imitation biscuits sits low in the water, just like real biscuit that has become waterlogged. Lightly nick the hook through the side of the mixer opposite the counterweight and position it in the back of the hook ensuring the point remains fully exposed.
We recommend using super specialist type hooks, size 10 for small biscuits and size 8 for the larger size.

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  • Super buoyant imitation corn in 3 different sizes
  • Can be used on their own or as a topper to help balance out presentations
  • Delicately flavoured in a natural corn smell to eliminate any synthetic scent
  • Absorbent material allows it to take on additional flavour
  • Available in Standard, Large and Jumbo in Yellow and Fluoro Pink

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  • 10 white and 10 red lifelike buoyant, soft and flexible rubber maggots
  • Can be used for balancing presentation with real maggots
  • Used on their own for deterring nuisance species