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Ready Tied Rigs

Ready Tied Rigs

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You can now create a Spinner / Ronnie rig easier than ever before! Ready Tied Spinner Hook Sections make creating one of the most talked about rig an absolute breeze. These have been made to give anglers instant confidence and will appeal to those not only new to carp angling, but anglers who are time poor, have less than perfect eyesight or suffer with arthritis/issues with their hands.

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  • Dedicated leaders
  • Use with solid PVA bags
  • Made with Kable leadcore
  • Spliced loops
  • Pre-tied bags can be looped on in an instant
  • Supplied with a size-eight ring swivel
  • Spliced on for use with inline leads
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  • Ready tied leadcore leaders
  • Uses korda's own Kable leadcore
  • Toughest of all leader materials
  • Two verisons available
  • One with a lead clip
  • One with a ring swivel
  • Use with semi-fixed or running rigs
  • Camouflage colour
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  • Ready tied rigs designed by Danny Fairbrass
  • Tied blowback fashion
  • Featuring Korda Wide Gapes and 15lb N-Trap Soft material
  • Supplied with free Extenda Stops

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Ready-tied rigs that feature fast-sinking Dark Matter braid

Tied with ultra-reliable Wide Gape hooks

Shrink tube kicker ensures great hook holds

Perfect all-round rigs for use with bottom baits or wafters