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ESP Hooklinks & Leaders

ESP Hooklinks & Leaders

ESP Hooklinks & Leaders

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  • 25m
  • 45lb (20.5kg) breaking strain
  • Fast sinking
  • Reliably strong
  • Easy to splice
  • Extremely supple
  • Hugs the bottom and follows its contours
Available in:
  • Camo brown
  • Weedy green
  • Sandy gravel
  • Choddy silt

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ESP Camo Sinklink is a super strong, soft touch braided hook link with alternating tones of colour which provide superb camouflage. These colour changes help to break up the outline of the hook link making it really inconspicuous. This is a definite edge when fishing for pressured, rig shy carp in clear water.

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Introducing a much stiffer hooklink that features the same, super soft internal material and the same diameter, colours and breaking strain. It’s also very rigid, which kicks  the hookbait away from the lead arrangement!

An excellent choice for distance casting, or when used as a boom section in the creation of ronnie, hinge and stiff ‘D’ rigs.

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  • Incredibly effective Chod rigs
  • Made using the ESP leadcore and beads
  • Includes a quick change lead link
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Extremely supple
  • Spliced at both end for a streamlined joint
  • Maximum breaking strain
  • 3 leaders per packet
report Available with different options
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Perfectly tied with an optimum length of 7” (18cm), these are designed to complement Ronnie and Hinge rigs, allowing quick and easy change of the hook section while also incorporating the all-important tungsten sleeve which counterbalances the pop-up and also secures the rig onto the clip.

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Key Features

  • Virtually invisible
  • Super soft
  • Quick sinking
  • Extra stretch
  • Excellent hooklink or leader
  • Denser than water
  • Lies tight to the bottom
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Key Features

  • Superb knot strength
  • Excellent sink rate
  • Highly abrasion resistant
  • Aids casting distance and accuracy
  • High knot strength
  • Extra strength perfect for all hard fighting fish
  • Invisible in water