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Rig Bits

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Korda Rig Rings are a cross breed of the best parts of modern day metal technologies. The silky smooth Teflon coating enhances the effectiveness of rigs incorporating a ring especially when coupled with Korda Hybrid Teflon coated hooks

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  • Dedicated leaders
  • Use with solid PVA bags
  • Made with Kable leadcore
  • Spliced loops
  • Pre-tied bags can be looped on in an instant
  • Supplied with a size-eight ring swivel
  • Spliced on for use with inline leads
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Korda Tail Rubbers have been specially designed to make tangles a thing of the past. They have no edges for hooklinks to catch on, instead even the softest hooklinks skimpy slip over them.

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Following a demand for high-quality swivels in various different formats, three new ranges of swivels have been developed by Korda with wide-ranging specialist applications.

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  • Ready tied leadcore leaders
  • Uses korda's own Kable leadcore
  • Toughest of all leader materials
  • Two verisons available
  • One with a lead clip
  • One with a ring swivel
  • Use with semi-fixed or running rigs
  • Camouflage colour