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    A brilliant gas for stoves and works great all year round!!

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    Key Features Effective against mosquitoes and other flying insects Each coil provides up to 8 hours of protection Each pack contains 10 mosquito coils and two stands Treats approximately 30m3 0.20% d-Allethrin active ingredient Dimensions: 120 x 120 x 30mm Weight: 138g

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    Lemco 2500 Power Source Premium Mix Camo Gas Cartridge Butane-isobutane-propane premium mix gas. Provides increased flame temperatures even in cold weather conditions. 445g / 788ml.Lemco 2500 Power Source Premium Mix Camo Gas Cartridge

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    If you get pestered by insects and covered in mosquito bites on the bank, then a Wolf Mozzi-Zappa may be just what you need!

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    This portable heater provides instant heat and is lit by piezo automatic ignition. Ideal for outdoor entertaining, warming greenhouses and out-buildings 1.3kW heating with highly efficient ceramic element. Adjustable angle and variable heat control Lasts up to 3 hours at full heat from A4 Butane Battery (not included)

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