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    The newest addition to Korda's Compac range, this multi-functional lightweight bait pouch can comfortably carrying up to 3kg of bait. The Compac Caddy makes the task of applying bait with a catapult or throwing stick easy. It has fully adjustable waist strap to ensure it fits all anglers comfortably.

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    Forming part of the new Compac Caddy range Two new camo styled air dry bags Caters for both short and long sessions in 3 &6kg sizes

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    A double-purpose solution used for drying and sorting boilies on longer sessions. The built-in ‘drop down’ style mesh is unleashed by a single zip. These really are great space-saving containers!

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    These will ensure your boilies are defrosted and ready to fish on longer sessions. They can be hung from a tree using the tough carry handles, with each size supplied with a handy hookbait case.

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    Unique Camouflage pattern Double heavy duty zips Mesh fabric allows bag to double up as an air dry bag Elasticated belt loop for holding catapult/throwing stick Adjustable waist strap can also be used to hang on branches etc. 100% treated 500 denier polyester 2.5kg capacity

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    Key Features Tough zips  Strengthened handles  Reinforced webbing to prevent stretching or loss of shape  Makes baits harder to avoid nuisance fish and crayfish

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    Key Features Nashs unique camo design mesh Secure drawstring toggle closure Tough, make for an all-round robust bag Ideal for air drying frozen bait for prolonged life on long sessions Great when youre out in the wilderness where freezer facilities arent available The Subterfuge Air Dry Bags are available in 1kg, 3kg and 5kg sizes

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Showing 1 - 7 of 7 items