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£1,449.99 - £150.00
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Preston still do not know how they have managed to produce a pole of this quality for this price! Throughout testing there consultant team were amazed by this pole to the point where they thought we had the price wrong!

An amazing pole that is a true joy to use and own.

£1,599.99 - £100.00
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Today’s commercial waters are becoming more demanding, larger weights are needed to win matches and the fish continue to grow!

The Superium Carp is designed to cope with these demands while still offering performance normally associated with lightweight flagship poles.

This pole fully interchanges with the X50, X70 and X90.

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A true 16m pole that offers impressive rigidity at all lengths and awesome strength when dealing with hard fighting carp and stronger pole elastics.

A superb all-round pole that gives anglers the option of fishing at 16metres without breaking the bank!

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The Superium X20 is the perfect 14.5m model that can deal with carp fishing and silverfish situations. Well balanced even at 14.5metres, the Superium X20 feels light in the hand and has the rigidity to fish delicate rigs at full length.

£599.99 - £30.00
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The perfect all-round 13metre pole, the Superium X10 is suitable for any style of fishing thanks to its impressive rigidity and strength. The X10 is ideal for the angler who only wishes to fish up to 13metres but is also the ideal ‘next-step’ for anglers looking to advance from a shorter margin pole.

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Designed in collaboration with the Colmic Uk team, producing a pole with a true all round capability.

True 16m pole, Fans of its predecessor the Airon F66 will find it lighter stiffer and better balanced thanks to it being constructed from the state of art Tech Tube material exclusive to Colmic and has proved its worth with the range of 13m poles over the last couple of years

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The Evolution of the extremely popular H1 slim and experia Slim series poles, and one of the 'stars of the show' at the recient Big One show

All the strength and durability of its predecessors, but lighter and more responsive. Slip on one of the slim series power top twos and you have a

Super powerful short carp pole which can handle any size elastic. But then use the tip in its full length which is supplied in the pole, and you have

a brilliant long lining pole for rivers and big lakes. Super slim only 34.5mm butt diameter.

£4,500.00 - £700.01
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It has taken a long time to improve our flagship pole, the Accomplice HP certainly does this with style! Everything the UK angler needs for fishing commercials or naturals, this pole totally delivers. It still interchanges with all UK series poles. The sections have been carefully modified to create an even better balanced, lighter and more responsive pole, especially at long lengths. These improvements make it a dream to use, especially with the super smooth finish.

£3,299.99 - £924.99
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The UK2 Essential Pro is the perfect addition to the UK range; Super lightweight, rigid at every length, but with the required strength to suit all modern UK match fishing. The poles balance and rigidity makes it easy to fish shallow at 16m for carp, or hemp long on the river with delicate rigs. Super smooth finish for easy shipping and subtle new cosmetic designs.

£2,599.99 - £600.00
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Built specifically for UK commercials where 16m is important. The UK3 Power Competition's small gains along many sections have dramatically improved its performance over its predecessors at this price point. Perfect strength with the right balance and rigidity at 16m. All sections are reinforced, lightweight, strong and durable, meaning the pole is the ideal 'weapon of choice' for the commercial match/club angler who is buying to a budget.

£1,499.99 - £200.99
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The UK Essential Power is a specifiically designed power carp pole. Whether you are fishing long to snags, short in margins, or just want a pole you can rely on for big fish, or big bags of fish, then look no further! With reinforced sections and joints throughout, it gives you that reassurance you need when it really matters.


UK Essential Power 14.5m Pole

1x Half Extension 13/14.5m

4x Match Carp puller kits

2x Margin Power K1 kits

1x Express Potkit

Match Holdall

£1,299.99 - £300.00
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A brand new concept within the UK series, the UK Power Performance has been specifically designed as a 16m pole pack at a quality and price which will suit so many anglers. This pole has everthing the commercial match or serious pleasure angler could want in a pole. Its strength means it can be used for all commercial carp situations without fear of letting you down. Beautifully balanced even at 16m with the regidity required to control short lines and light rigs at full length.

£599.99 - £100.00
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The UK Zombie Match has been designed for a specific purpose - it delivers everything the the UK commercial pleasure or match angler needs in a 13m pole at a fantastic value and quality - The pole is well balanced and incredibly strong, yet rigid enough to control light rigs at full length - All sections are reinforced in critical areas to ensure the required strength is there whether fishing at full length, short or in the margins whatever size carp are the target.