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    Multi purpose scissors in a handy clip-on pouch, fitted with a lanyard to hopefully help prevent you losing them. These scissors have split ring blade for changing lures easily, cutting blade for mono and braid and flat blades for holding things and unhooking fish, every lure angler needs a pair of these!!

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    Our Drop & Jig line clip allows the angler to secure either the hook, dropshot weight or both when on the move, eliminating unnecessary tangles that can often occur. The clip also accommodates jig hooks and other lightweight lures. It will fit most ultralight lure rods by simply clipping to the blank above the reel seat. Supplied two per pack

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    Geecrack the Line Clipper with Pinion II is a must for any angler wanting to keep the clippers readily available and can be easily attached to any garment or pocket using the safety pin. Quality super sharp stainless steel clippers Smooth powerful zinger Safety pin attachment 50cm rot proof cord Suitable for PE, Nylon and Fluorocarbon

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    The Glue has been designed to stick and repair ALL soft lures! By fixing the head to the body you can create a much better swimming action and increase the strength of your lure.

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    Easy to use, durable and practical. 3 per pack.

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    A neat, simple device that wraps around the rod enabling you to store hooks safely whilst walking to your next mark. Also ideal for frequent anglers who like to keep a rod setup in the car for impromptu sessions.

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    A UV torch that is ideal for charging luminous attractors such as beads and lures.

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    Simple but brilliant the Sokkou Knot Tool is designed to make knotting a mono leader to braid easier and perfect every time. With the lines in parallel all it takes is a couple twists around the barrel, a pick up with the retractable hook and pull through... done!

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    ZPI Aluminum Knob series are gaining popularity among area trout and other fishing fans, and now introduce the bigger model. Machine Cut Alminum Knob Medium inherits narrow shape and has a larger diameter to support more powerful fishing!

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    Machine Cut Aluminum Knob S has been popular especially for trout fishing hole or fishing for horse mackerel and black rockfish. The Machine Cut Aluminum Knob Narrow is the lighter version, which is easier to hook your fingers.

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    It is designed to protect the reel from damage. Although it is made of aluminum alloy, it is an ultra-lightweight 2.7 grams! It is a lightweight model utilizing ZPI spool thin-wall processing technology. This is the lightest reel stand made by metal (as of January 2016), and the weight increase in the overall reel is minimized. It is a Shimano...

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    The new eyewear from Rage offers polarized vision in a stylish package at great value for money. • Poloraised lenses to enhance fishing vision• Light but strong frames• Modern design for bank and street

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    With this convenient rod cover you can easily protect your rods against damages and scratches. The sleeve is simply put over the rod from the tip to the handle to protect the guides and the blank during transportation. The 170cm is suited up to assembled rod lengths of 7’ (213cm)

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    This little magnetic device enables the convenient location and quick release of landing nets and other items that need to be held in place. Just a quick tug will release the item for the use required. The magnetic force of the holder can be altered from max 4.5kg to a minimum of 1kg by rotating the collar adjuster.

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    Available in 2 sizes and featuring our logo designed by Peter Perch, these waterproof stickers are very durable. The smaller 4" size is ideal for pimping your lure box. The new 10" option was requested by customers for their boats and fishing wagons.

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    The low adhesibility of Nano Finesse matches the Bait Finesse products, especially the spools. Used in overhaul and maintenance as well as handle arm assembling at ZPI.

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    Control the line slack by just one hand, just one finger in preparation for the catch. Easy control and smooth approach. This is what the Pentagram Star Drag is all about. Fits the following Shimano Metanium Left Hand Models: 16 Metanium MGL 15 Metanium DC 13 Metanium Series

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    Using the same color around your handle, your reel will look even cooler. Fits the following Shimano Metanium Models: 16 Metanium MGL 15 Metanium DC 13 Metanium Series

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    These years, several manufacturers released reels with offset handles. ZPI also released own offset handles which have more powerful strength than the BFC Offset Handles and are applicable for all round fishing. Its carbon material gives you more sensitivity. With its offset shape, you can shift the tackle balance more closer to the reel seat.

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    An angler needs to be aware of all the changes happening underwater as soon as the lure touches the water surface. Using carbon, the handle can be light and stiff, enabling you to feel the lure action, contact with the obstacles, changes of water pressure and water flows.

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