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Guru Ready Tied Hooklengths

Guru Ready Tied Hooklengths

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These pole rigs have been designed for use on smaller commercials where fish like F1s dominate. They are tied with the F1 Pellet hook, which the Guru team designed specifically for these hard-fighting weight builders. The white gape and round bend allow the use of softened hook baits and practically guarantee good hook holds.

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  • Pre-prepared and set to be used straight from the packet, these are simply superb for anglers who prefer to spend more time fishing, and less time with finicky tackle. Equipped with their state-of-the-art hooks, each one will be sure to do wonders during a match!
  • 6 Inches


  • Size 10 – 0.19mm
  • Size 12 – 0.17mm
  • Size 14 – 0.15mm
  • Size 16 – 0.15mm
  • Size 18 – 0.13mm
  • Size 20 - 0.11mm
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  • Ready tied to an immaculate standard
  • Perfect for natural venues
  • Lethally sharp, extra durable but lightweight, black-nickel wire Pole Special hooks
  • These have a long point for extra security and stay sharp throughout
  • Tied to our more finesse N-Gauge Pro line
  • These ready rigs have also been tied at 8 inches long
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Guru's QM1 bait band ready rigs in 4 inch lengths, perfect for method feeder fishing. Featuring Gurus barbless QM1 PTFE coated hook pattern with a sharp, beaked point. They're then tied to Guru's market leading N-gauge nylon and now feature a small piece of micro silicon on the shank to provide perfect hair alignment and presentation.

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Guru Match Special Ready Rigs 1m, with Guru's MSB barbed hook pattern designed to cover wild natural venues. Coming pre-tied to Gurus high quality N-gauge mono. The 1m size makes them ideal for waggler and feeder approaches for silvers and bream.

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A shorter 8 Inch version of Guru's Match Special Ready Rigs ideal for targeting silvers on natural venues. Featuring Guru's Match Special medium wire hook pattern, with its flat wide gape and ultra sharp point. Paired with high quality Guru N-Gauge mono. With each hook size matched with a sensible breaking strain. 


  • MSB barbed hook pattern
  • Engage line
  • 8 per pack


  • Size 10 - 0.15mm/5lb
  • Size 12 - 0.15mm/5lb
  • Size 14 - 0.13mm/4lb
  • Size 16 - 0.13mm/4lb
  • Size 18 - 0.11mm/3lb
  • Size 20 - 0.09mm/1.5lb