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A slim-profile, long-casting range of soft lures with a high specific gravity. All the lures have a rattle slot in the main body plus an insert weight slot in the tail area to add even more distance to your cast if required. The nose of the lures are perfectly designed for easy rigging on our small hitchhikers. The back of each lure has a recessed slot for our 6/0 weedless hooks, plus a hook guide entry point on the belly for precise and easy rigging.

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• 24x Floating Duratex Ned lures: 7.5cm Salamander, 7cm Goby, 7.5cm Minnow, 7.5cm Dragon Tail
• 2x of each lure in each colour: Green Pumpkin, Chartreuse Pumpkin, Holo Baitfish
• 4x jig heads: 1x #1 NED head in 5g, 9g and 2x in 7g

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Practice the skills you’ve learnt from our Perch Academy YouTube videos with this awesome kit for perch fishing, featuring a mix of effective lures, colours, and jig heads.

• Cannibal Shad 6.8cm and 8cm, 4x each size
• Fat T-tail Minnow 7.5 and 9cm, 4x each size
• Pro Grub 5cm and 6.5cm, 4x each size
• Colours of Cannibal Shad: Lemon Cracker, Holo Baitfish, Chartreuse Pumpkin, Hot Olive
• Colours of Fat Tail Minnow: Holo Baitfish, Chartreuse Pumpkin, White Flash, Fluo Yellow Glow
• Colours of Pro Grub: Clear Motor Oil, Green Pumpkin, June Bug, Fluo Yellow Glow
• Ball jig heads: #1 5g, 2x 7.5g and 10g, #2/0: 5g and 7.5g, 2x 10g

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A range of slim profile and very long-casting lures with high gravity that allow you to fish where no one else can. The lures feature a rattle slot in the body and a weight slot in the tail, so you can add even more distance to your cast when required.

• 6+6 mini kit, 12cm 13G
• One lure of each model, one of each colour
• 1x 4/0 weedless hook
• 1x 4/0 2g weedless hook
• Two small size glass rattles
• Two 1.3g tungsten weights

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When you see the slender body profile of this shad subtly rolling and kicking on the fall and retrieve with help from its scoop paddle tail, it will be hard to believe that it’s not a real smelt. The finely crafted details of this lure work in tandem with the removable rattle in the tail that sends out an enticing clicking sound to nearby predators. It is the ideal lure for moving water such as rivers or streams, or if you simply want to dive deeper than with a regular paddle tail. It’s particularly effective for zander, but will catch just about any predator fish out there. Try it to believe it!

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This epic perch shad is based on a 3D scan of a real perch with perfect details and features Photo Chrome skin print and added DNA scent. Perch are one of the main prey for big pike at certain times of year and these super realistic lures will be ready for you when that time comes. The paddle tail makes the lure rock seductively and the rattle in the tail sends out provoking clicks. The two smaller sizes are ready rigged, with the belly treble hook mounted on a swivel, so any pike will have a hard time to throw the hook.

• 4D Photo Chrome skin print
• Strike-triggering scent
• Rattle slot in paddle tail
• Slow sinking
• 12.5cm: SGY 1X Red #4 x1pc

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With incredibly detailed Photo Chrome skin print and a strike enticing scent, we have created the 4th dimension with our 4D Line Thru trout. This lure is just so lifelike that the predator fish won’t be able to resist making a fully committed attack when they see it. Each lure colour has been extensive designed, tested and fine-tuned to perfection, and the added scent will give you the edge when conditions are tough. The lure is designed with a larger Line Thru channel, making it easier to change the trace – it comes pre-rigged with the Carbon49 wire trace, mounted with the line modifier clip. The lure has a realistic s-curve swimming action that only adds to the overall realism of this incredible lure.

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A frog that walks in place effortlessly or pops through cover. Whether it is grass matts, lilly pads or shady pockets, the Hop Popper is ready to retrieve giants from their cover.

• Premium hand painted details
• Heavy duty wide gap frog hook
• Upward pointing hookpoint for increased hookup ratio
• Effortless walking and popping action
• Premium rubber skirt