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The BaitJunkie 2.5” Minnow is the first design that incorporates BaitJunkie's signature ‘slim waist’ design principle. This waist section segments the body into two parts, allowing the tail to move freely and thanks to the Elastomax construction. The durability of the bait is a non-concern. A broad boot tail is connected to a thin tail wrist which delivers an insanely high-pitch vibration, capable of calling in predatory fish from long distances. The soft nature of Elastomax also means the 2.5” Minnow is capable of fishing on very light jigheads, still maintaining an enticing swimming action whilst sinking even when rigged on lightweight heads around.

£9.50 - £1.51
In Stock

Ready to fish lure kits for pike, perch and zander. Carefully selected colors for each species.

  • It produces strong vibrations and a flanking movement of the body
  • The slim profile reduces the lure weight and optimizes this flanking action
  • The ribs on the tail wrist assist it to fold back during ‘inhalation’ of the take
  • Suitable for slow and fast presentation
  • Featuring the popular Duck Fin tail