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    Drag-Line is a robust, performance mono that’s been designed to withstand the rough and tumble of commercial-water carping.

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    This is a high-tech Japanese mono that’s as good as they come. One thing that the development team was adamant about was that the diameter should be absolutely consistent because it was felt that a number of competitor lines were not and the potential to mislead the angler was present.

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    Guru Pure Fluorocarbon.This high spec fluorocarbon is virtually invisible in water, has excellent knot strength and an extremely low diameter. Use it for tying hook lengths or as a pole line to give your presentation the highest level of subtlety and finesse.

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    A super high quality line, developed using the latest technology to be ultra low stretch and high performance. The line is a fine diameter to aid casting distance, but has exceptional strength. Natural green. 300m spool.

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    Available in both 8 & 10lb options to suit all situations

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    A new lower diameter hooklength and rig material with high strength, low diameter. Ideal for use on natural venues, silverfish action, and winter F1 sport.0.08mm - 1lb / 0.45kg 0.09mm - 1.5lb / 0.68kg 0.10mm - 2lb / 0.90kg

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