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    Roll up measuring tape with 150cm scale. Space-saving, quickly ready and easy to clean. Also perfect for boat anglers.

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    A handy small telescopic fish measure for recording those smaller species.

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    Tailwalk original measure that combines functionality and design. This shorter model is ideal for many UK predators both fresh and salt water. Size (mm): 900 × 170

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    Freestyle Lite Mat 80cm- 80cm x 45cm protection mat - 12cm diameter rolled size - Easy and quick to fold and roll - 80cm measuring scale on mat - Carabiner clip

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    For safe, quick and accurate measurements. Great for taking pictures on the ground or in the boat. Roll up design for compact storage. Velcro details to prevent it from sliding around in the boat. Wet the mat before measuring your dreamfish to protect the fish mucus. Small: 10 x 120cm Large: 25 x 140cm Strong and durable PVC mat with acrylic head Roll up...

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    Quality 61 x 30cm roll up measure from Shimano. These will be suitable for ANY Perch caught home or abroad!

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    This is an unhooking mat, measuring tape and weigh sling in one, perfect for recording your big perch catches quickly on the bank. The roll-up mat is extremely portable, clipping to your bag, boat, kayak or jacket as needed. The padded mat features our own measuring tape design, and has built in sides and weigh sling attachments for your scales.

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    Spro Freestyle Ruler 120cm is an extremely compact PVC ruler.  Complete with Velcro strap and solid “L” block. Great for when space is limited. Dimensions - 126cm x 8cm

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