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Nash Tungsten Rig Bits

Nash Tungsten Rig Bits

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High grip!

Wire mounted, high grip Tungsten Oval Beads. Use to trap naked chods, counter balance pop ups or as buffer beads to protect knots on running rigs.

Available in 4, 6 and 8mm.

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Maximum density and high grip

Maximum density high grip Tungsten Hook Beads for trapping hairs, bait screws and rig rings on anti-eject rigs.

Small for size 6-10 hooks. Large for sizes 1-5 hooks.

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High grip, grooved and streamlined

High grip, grooved and streamlined tungsten weights for pinning down and balancing pop ups. Can be easily moved and re-used.

Available in Small (0.3gr) Medium (0.6gr) and Large (0.8gr).

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Slide easily on to hooklinks!

Versatile wire loop mounted Tungsten Sinkers slide easily on to hooklinks or main line to help pin end tackle down, and act as a secure base to mould additional putty around.

Available in four sizes.

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Eliminate any need for additional putty!

Slide over a size 11 swivel to streamline chod rigs and eliminate any need for additional putty. Can be trimmed for critical balance of hookbaits. Small balances 10-12mm pop ups,

Large balances 15mm pop ups.

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Eliminate tangles and kick hooklinks out!

Streamlined tungsten sleeves that eliminate tangles and kick hooklinks out as the rig settles for improved presentation. Push fit over swivels and quick change swivel systems.

Available in Short or Long.


The safest top release bead for chod and helicopter rigs, allowing links to be secured for the longest casts but still slide free in event of line breakage to prevent a carp towing an end tackle, and without discarding components into the environment.

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