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Gardner Rig Bits

Gardner Rig Bits

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  • Designed for use with anti-eject hook setups
  • Made from a tough, flexible compound
  • Fit securely to all popular sizes &patterns of carp/specimen hooks
  • Anti-tear material will not rip when pushed over barbs
  • Firmly grips the hook shank without needing to be glued to maintain position
  • Works perfectly with most sizes of rig rings
  • Suitable for both pop up or bottom bait presentation
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  • Green and Brown
  • Maximum 'stickiness'
  • Easy to use whatever the conditions
  • Super high density formula
  • Will adhere to all mono's
  • Lead free design, safe for environment
  • Perfect for fine rig tuning
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Quick dissolving floating foam has a multitude of uses including protecting hook points in weed or snags, showing the position of a rig after casting, preventing tangles when casting long hairs, making Spitback rigs, etc.

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Key Features

  • Trimmed down sections can be used to trap supple hairs
  • Designed to avoid them twisting/tangling
  • Inject PVA friendly attractors down the tube
  • Create focused feeding around the hookbait
  • Available in 2 sizes
  • Short: 10cm (100mm)
  • Medium: 20cm (200mm)
  • 3mm I/D straws
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These general purpose non-toxic back leads are supplied with the versatile S-Clip, making them suitable to use in any angling situation where you need to pin the main line down, hiding it away.