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  • Designed to bridge the size and range gap between the original Mini Markers and Sonar Marker floats
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Can hold up to 2kg of boilies or pellets! Alternatively, you could use it for carrying any essentials as you make your way around the lake.

Features a removeable internal pocket, and a front pocket for any small accessories. There are elasticated loops for holding a catapult.  

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Twin Wall elastic fits the Big Shot Boilie Large Pouch plus the original ESP Boilie, Particle & Mega Pults. This powerful elastic propels larger loads of bait with remarkable accuracy at maximum distance.

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The ESP Big Shot Caty Large has a large capacity pouch which makes baiting up with large quantities of boilies quick and easy.  This tough, durable large pouch is lightweight with a long easy grip pull tab and large vent holes in the pouch reduce drag and recoil.

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ESP Surface Missiles are in-line controllers that have optimum length stems, an aerodynamic profile and provide accurate, tangle-free casting from short to extreme range with no oscillation in flight and minimal disturbance on splashdown.

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  • Designed to deliver big quantities of bait at short to medium range.
  • This extra large pouch caty holds up to sixty 14mm boilies and delivers them with surprising accuracy.
  • Designed for short to medium range work, a full pouch of bait can weigh up to 3 1/2oz (100g) which means a whole kilo of boilies can be introduced in a matter of minutes.
  • Accuracy and smooth delivery of bait is achieved using optimum lengths of natural latex which has a unique elasticity and power.

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Perfect for heavy baiting from a standing position. Large capacity of 3kg of bait for easy repetitive bulk baiting. Wired front brim to retain shape and hold the pouch in an open position. Adjustable strap with secure snap-lock buckle. Can easily be rinsed out and shaken dry for storage. Folds flat for easy storage.