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    For maximum distance and tight grouping with minimum spillage.

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    This pair is made from stainless steel, and stored in a fabric sleeve. Also includes three critical distance spot markers.

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    Two 12" (30cm) lengths Spare Latex to fit all ESP catapults

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    Designed to bridge the size and range gap between the original Mini Markers and Sonar Marker floats

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    Perfect for heavy baiting from a standing position. Large capacity of 3kg of bait for easy repetitive bulk baiting. Wired front brim to retain shape and hold the pouch in an open position. Adjustable strap with secure snap-lock buckle. Can easily be rinsed out and shaken dry for storage. Folds flat for easy storage.

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    Can hold up to 2kg of boilies or pellets! Alternatively, you could use it for carrying any essentials as you make your way around the lake. Features a removeable internal pocket, and a front pocket for any small accessories. There are elasticated loops for holding a catapult.  

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Showing 1 - 6 of 6 items