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The Fox Splicing Needle is designed to neatly splice loops into leadcore or 30lb Submerge leaders. The needle features a micro engineered, hinged gate which closes to capture the fibres and prevents snagging during the splicing process.


The Stix baiting needle has been designed to make easy threading of PVA sticks directly onto the hooklink. It is also invaluable as a stringer needle and features a 135mm steel shaft with a hinged gate closure. This allows the hooklink loop to be pulled through the PVA stick without tearing or laddering the PVA mesh.

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  • An essential tool for all tackle boxes! Made from twisted stainless steel wire designed for splicing leadcore and lead-free leader materials as well as splicing Camo-Splice hooklink material
  • Diamond shaped for ease of use.
  • Sold in singles
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  • Diameter of just 1mm
  • Perfect for hard baits
  • Or creating a bore for your baiting needle
  • Ideal for nuts, air dried boilies and corkball pop-ups
  • Ergonomically designed and hi-vis handle
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The Edges Crimp Plyers have been designed to work specifically with Edges Crimps to create a flared crimp allowing the loop to flow naturally out of the crimp. The plyers are tapered to create the perfect flare for each crimp size whilst ensuring a consistent and strong fixing. They also feature cutting edges and gripping jaws making them useful in many aspects of rig making.