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Straight nickelled hook, with medium shank and special curve. The WN501 is barbless and still maintains the exceptional penetration quality. This hook is also beaked and has a chemically sharpened high point which is exceptionally sharp and can be used in conjunction with large baits. It is particularly designed to fish in carp waters and also suitable for tench, crucians and big fish.

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Straight bronzed hook, sharp bend and long shank. Chemically sharpened needle point with micro-barb. Very, very sharp with thin wire for delicate baits such as bloodworm and joker, also a very good squatt hook. They can also be used for bread punch, so a great canal hook!

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F1 Spider line is Colmic's premier line developed by Jacopo Falsini and the Colmic team. It is best used as a main line in match fishing for pole rigs. Designed for competition fishing, it is marketed by Colmic in order to satisfy the most demanding of anglers.

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Possibly the best lead shot available!

Superior quality lead shot that is made in Italy. Perfectly calibrated with deep central splits to ensure it hangs really even. Not too soft so it maintains its round shape when attached to the line.

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The latest masterpiece of the Japanese industry is a nylon monofil packed with a lost of fish catching features! The STREAM has been crafted to provide exceptional breaking strain, excellent softness and lightness for optimum bait presentation, unequalled knot strength, optimum abrasion resistance.

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Hayabusa hooks feature tempered, high carbon steel for incredible tensile strength and high corrosion resistance. The hooks are sharpened by unique chemical treatment process, which hones a perfect, concentric needle point. For clean penetration and a quick, secure set every time, used Hayabusa hooks and catch more fish.


Made in Japan

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A superb new flat foat from Colmic,

Hard foam body , sensitive fibre tip and wire stem, designed by italian Ex world champion Jacopo Falsini for bream and skimmer fishing on flowing venues.

Bristle is inline with the wire stem which makes them great on venues where the flow changes or switches around, they have become a bit of a cult float on the Gloucester canal since their introduction


New high-quality pliers from Colmic. Made of steel and carbon with a rubber grip. These can be used for multiple applications from applying shot to cutting line. A very handy and compact tool.

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Cult feeder Hooks- Extreemly strong for the wire diameter and a very sharp point which doesnt seem to blunt!

Widely used on Irish  and UK feeder fishing venues for worm and maggot hookbaits.

Also good as chopped worm Pole hooks

Spade end, micro barbed and a durable Black Nickel finish

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