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Nash HookLinks and Leaders

Nash HookLinks and Leaders

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  • The most advanced coated hooklink yet
  • Fast sinking and easily stripped
  • Super abrasion resistant braided Kevlar core
  • Ultimate tuning of modern presentations
  • 10 metres per spool
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The fastest sinking, heaviest hook length braid yet.

The fastest sinking, heaviest hook length braid yet. Extra supple for ultimate rig performance, combined with incredible abrasion resistance and advanced camouflage.

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Extra fast sinking!

Heavyweight, extra fast sinking high performance and superior quality pure Fluorocarbon for hooklinks, leaders and boom sections.

Ultra supple, extreme abrasion resistance and low memory for superior knotting. 20 metres per spool.

  • 8 strands of Kevlar and 2 strands of Teflon
  • Made for the toughest leader material yet
  • Fast sinking with extreme abrasion resistance
  • Great for the harshest environments
  • A high strength snag and shock leader or extreme hooklink material
  • 50 metres per spool, 55lb breaking strain
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High memory Diffusion Camo stiff mono for correctly shaping Chod Rigs, hinged pop-up rigs and anti-eject stiff boom sections.

Extra tough, Diffusion Camo chod link material specifically developed for its combination of stiffness and high memory, allowing chod and hinged pop-up rigs to be carefully shaped and ‘set’ or boom sections to be steamed straight for the most effective presentation.

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  • Extra heavy, fast sinking leadcore
  • Easy splice weave
  • Three camouflage fleck finishes
  • Available on 7 metre spools
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