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Essential for consistently measuring your distance with pinpoint accuracy. Once you’ve invested some time finding an area to fish with a marker rod. Simply setup the correct distance using the strap provided and count the no. of wraps to the required distance, clip up to that distance and your able to get your rigs reliably to the same spots every time.  

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Cygnet Distance Sticks make short work of accurately hitting your chosen spot every time. No more re markering or casting around, simply place your sticks in the ground, wind out the required amount of line, clip-up and re-cast. Simple, easy and extremely accurate angling with a minimum of fuss.


Non stretch tape, making sure the distance between the stix are exactly the same every time.

Auger Point for driving into hard ground.

Supplied with Nash Green Cloth Bag.

Supplied with marker peg to hold lead in position, doubles as a tommy bar for driving stix into hard ground.

Supplied with distance marking tape.

Isotope slots for use at night.

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  • Achieve maximum accuracy with every cast
  • Rapid set-up and easy-to-use
  • The optimum height for comfortable and efficient wrapping 
  • Tapered removable acrylic heads with built-in spirit levels
  • Internal Isolite slots (3mm x 20mm) for use at night
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  • Designed to protect end tackle while using Distance Sticks 
  • Compatible with most other measuring sticks available on the market 
  • Reinforced corners and supplied ground spikes to secure to the ground 
  • Oversized top flap for use in wet weather 
  • Heavy-duty lay-flat material as used on Cygnet Splash Mats 
  • Silk black finish and minimal branding 
  • Can be used as a base for casting long Zig Rigs