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Korda Baiting needles
Korda’s new range of Baiting Needles have been specially designed to cover every requirement. Engineered to the highest specifications each needle has been colour coded for easy retrieval from your tackle box, with ergonomic soft touch handle.

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A brilliant solution for organising your pre-prepared hook lengths and leaders, ensuring they are set up and ready to go. Really useful for giving yourself a number of options to quickly switch up and vary your end tackle and perfect for high-paced venues or carp matches! With a robust abs construction and a simple magnetic attachment, these will fit any shelter.

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  • Made to fit all brands with a 42" (107cm) frame size. It has been crafted using a deep and soft netting in a weedy green colour, making it great if yours gets torn by a snag.


  • Fits all in their range.
  • Deep, soft, weed green netting
  • Great quality for a great price
  • Can also fit other select nets.
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  • A totally revamped model of the original with a totally new and vibrant shape and style. Much easier to carry and transport to and from your swim, sure to be a big hit this year.


  • Ergonomic design with wide, easy-fill/pour spout
  • Sculptured carry handle
  • 5-litre capacity
  • Robust HDPE construction
  • BPA-Free plastic
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Classy headwear, with the option of selecting either camo, or turn inside out for a carpy olive colour, the choice is yours!

Made from a soft material, there are two sizes available to fit all head shapes and sizes.


  • Soft material
  • Two sizes
  • Olive and Green reversible options in the same hat
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These 227g cannisters are ideal for fuelling your stove and keeping you going with brews and hot food on the bank. Bayonet cartridge. A Countersunk Relief Valve (CRV) system safely releases gas in the case of a build-up in internal pressure.