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Korda Arma-Cord is an incredibly abrasion resistant braided line, which is also supple and thin for its strength. It has been designed as a high performance snag/shock leader for extreme snag or long range situations.

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Korda Kable Leadcore is easy to splice using Korda needles and that’s the best way to achieve a secure loop. It’s a relatively thin leadcore for it’s breaking strain and is remarkably supple, laying over bottom contours nicely. Korda Kable Leadcore is supplied on 7m and 25m bulk spools, there are two Korda Kable colour combinations available, Weed/Silt and Gravel.

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Dura-kord has been designed as the e

Extreme snag leader. Easily spliced, Kamo in colour & manufactured with an increased diameter to prevent "cutting" into submerged branches often found in wild venues. A special mix of fibres that includes Ultra High Performance PE gives it high strength & incredible abrasion resistance.

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  • New leadcore heli leaders!
  • Enables you to fish the helicopter rig
  • Made from top quality components
  • Available in two colours
  • Supplied with 3 leaders per pack
  • Rigs on 1m lengths of leadcore
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  • Dedicated leaders
  • Use with solid PVA bags
  • Made with Kable leadcore
  • Spliced loops
  • Pre-tied bags can be looped on in an instant
  • Supplied with a size-eight ring swivel
  • Spliced on for use with inline leads
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  • Based on the already, best selling, popular Korda Subline, this range has been designed with the long distance anglers in mind. Available as standard tapered leader, or as a one shot spool of tapered mainline (designed for waters were leaders are banned).  The lines are available in a camo brown colour.
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  • Always wet the clip before attaching the tail rubber
  • Do not force on fully and NEVER glue the rubber in place
  • Available in Gravel or Weed
  • Super strong 50lb breaking strain
  • Spliced loop for fast and easy attachement to the mainline
  • Supplied with FREE locking peg system.
  • x3 per pack.