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At Todber we stock various different scales which include traditional spring scales and digital scales from leading brands including Korda and Reuben Heaton!

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Based on a standard 4000 series scale but with special edition dial face. With improved weight specification, this range is designed to meet all the basic requirements of the modern angler whilst retaining those features that have made the 4000 series so successful in many other commercial markets.

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The Specimen Hunter classic is designed to meet the requirements of the modern specialist angler. This model features a saltwater resistant interior as standard and comes with a separate lens mounted light source for night fishing which illuminates the whole dial during night operation.

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The 9000 Series digital scale has a radical new design and uses ultra slim load cell technology. Sharing the same basic software as its larger 7000 Series cousin, the 9000 series weighs up to 25kg (55lb) in 25g (1oz) divisions.

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The Flyweight Mk2 is a truly pocket sized dial scale, designed to be ultra-light and portable. The Flyweight Mk2 combines the compact features of a tubular balance, and the readability of a dial scale to give the best of both worlds.

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These weight up to 132lb in 1oz increments so will handle any carp and most catfish, along with a lot of other species within Europe. These feature some upgrades over the older model and have much more compact and user friendly design.

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  • Tough polycarbonate body
  • Stainless steel hook and hang point
  • Waterproof IP56
  • Dustproof
  • 50 weight memory capacity
  • Large easy read LCD display (45mm x 25mm)
  • Active display back-light function
  • 9v main power source
  • Separate memory backup power source
  • Size: L (incl hook &hang point) 22cm x W 12cm x H 4cm
  • Weight 400g
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The “original” specialist anglers’ scale that has continued to set the benchmark for all specimen-style scales since its arrival in 1988. The Specimen Hunter is a high performance scale specifically designed with the modern specialist angler in mind. With an accuracy of over one part in 500, this is a top class scale used by competition and specimen anglers alike.


With improved specification, this range is designed to meet all the basic requirements of the modern angler. The Standard Angling Scale features a single revolution format with increased weight range specification over other standard scale models on the market. Accuracy of over one part in 250. A good performance scale for all disciplines.

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Key Features

  • 55lb / 25kg Max weight capacity
  • Dial intervals of 100g and 4oz
  • Impact resistant casing
  • Large easy read dial
  • Supplied with weigh hooks
  • Simple and easy to use
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Following on from the huge success of the original Green T Bar Scales, the NEW Wychwood T-bar Dual Screen Scales now come in black but more importantly provide the angler with two viewing screens - so a screen on both the front and back!