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Fox Rig Bits

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A bright red elastic designed for tying highly visible range marker knots onto the mainline. Invaluable for accurate recasting to baited areas or features, particularly in darkness. The elastic will not damage the line, is easy to remove and remains gripped in place.

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Kwik Change Weights provide the angler with a multitude of balancing and weighting options. Available in four popular, practical sizes to cover a variety of uses. The weights are attached simply by stretching a piece of the rubber tube and placing into the slot. This forms a totally secure fixture that will not damage the line.

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Tungsten Chod Bead kits have been manufactured in a semi translucent khaki colour to blend in on the lake bed and are weighted to ensure maximum rig concealment. Designed for use direct onto the mainline without a leader. During the fight the bead slides down the mainline onto the buffer sleeve. The buffer sleeves also feature a moulded hole to allow the rig to be set up with a drop off lead.

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As part of the new EDGES range we have upgraded a number of products including our range of Shrink Tube. This new version is in Trans Khaki, which blends in superbly over a host of lakebeds and also holds it shape very well once steamed.

Available in Large, Medium, Small and X-Small

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To compliment the new EDGES Trans Khaki Lead Clips and Tail Rubbers we have also designed some matching Trans Khaki Anti-Tangle Sleeves to ensure all elements of your rig are concealed on a host of lakebeds.

Available in 3 sizes. Standard, micro and XL. (XL 15 per pack)

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  • The moulded, low profile stops fit onto the hook shank acting as a buffer for Micro Ring Swivels or Rig Rings. Designed to create the ultimate in modern anti-eject carp rigs.

  • For maximum rig concealment use tungsten beads to add weight to rigs keeping them pinned to the lake bed. When used with Tungsten Mainline Sinkers they are perfect for ‘Naked Chod’ style rigs.
  • 25 per pack

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Perfect for keeping the hair tight to the hook shank and for making adjustments to the position of the hair.

Available in 2 sizes. To fit hooks 10-7 and to fit hooks 6-2.