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Drennan Rig Bits

Drennan Rig Bits

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The Drennan Grippa Stops bulbous end makes a perfect stop for small sliding rings. The direction of the stop on the mainline can be reversed by taking it of the wire onto a loop of nylon and then transfering it to the reel line.

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Drennan Swvel Stop Beads are an effective anti tangle stop for all running lead and feeder rigs. The rubber bead is designed to house the top ring and barrel of the swivel and leave the bottom ring protuding and free to rotate.

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Drennan Method Connectors are quick change connectors designed to go with Drennan Flat Method Feeders. The provide and easy loop to loop slimline joint which slides back inside the body of the in line feeder every time.

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Silicone Tubing is used to connect running water floats at the top and bottom. These tubes can be cut to the preferred length to be used as float caps or to help protect swivels, links and knots on all sorts of rigs and tackle setups.

- Each packet contains five lengths of tube (variety of diameters)
- Durable