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These make use of four prongs that will help to pick up traces of lakebed debris, weed and natural food items to enable you to establish exactly what you are fishing over, and by helping to identify that spot, you can make sure your rig is exactly where it needs to be.

report Available with different options
Product available with different options
  • Rig exits the lead from the centre
  • Ensures the fish is in contact with the weight of the lead
  • Unique design helps to set the hook and convert more pick ups
  • Perfect for short-medium range plus solid PVA bag fishing
  • Features Camotex camouflage coating
  • Available in sizes: 3oz/85g or 4oz/113g
  • Can also be fished inline drop off style
  • Use in conjunction with Edges Drop Off Inline Kit
report Available with different options
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An updated and improved version of the popular Fox Edges back leads. The ultimate answer to pinning down your mainline out of the way of water traffic and wildlife. With an easy to use soft rubber clip that can be added to your mainline after casting and dropped in the water. The downrigger back weights now feature a smaller flexible ring that prevents them sliding back down over your lead clip when your playing a fish.


• Heavy backweight that can release the line on the strike allowing you direct contact with the fish
• Ideal for venues with heavy currents and boat traffic
• Mechanical gate latch design for smooth line release.
• Supplied on its own winder with 10m of highly visual, orange cord
• Cord freely dispenses allowing the backweight to slide down the line and settle on the lake bed
• Winder can attach to snag ears or underneath your alarm
• The backweight clips onto the winder for safe storage.

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