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Korda Baiting needles
Korda’s new range of Baiting Needles have been specially designed to cover every requirement. Engineered to the highest specifications each needle has been colour coded for easy retrieval from your tackle box, with ergonomic soft touch handle.

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By using the different length stops it is easy to lengthen the hair or alternatively change the size of the hookbait from anywhere between 16mm & 24mm without having to tie a new rig - simple!

  • The Korda Drill sets are perfect for critically balancing boilies or nuts. Simply drill your bait and insert the matching cor­k. Balancing your hookbaits is a massive edge, and this Korda accessory makes easy work of it. The Korda Bait Drills are available in 2 popular sizes small 6mm & large 8mm.

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Crimping is a great way to achieve neat, strong connections, especially when you are using stiffer and/or thicker materials which can be hard to knot effectively – plus it allows you to get the hook link length right every time, which is especially useful for chod rigs.