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Thinking Anglers Accessories

Thinking Anglers Accessories

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  • Encrusted in a 400 diamond grit
  • Ideal stand-alone tool for reviving dulled hooks
  • Multipurpose handle for storing your file moisture free
  • This truly is a user-friendly hook file
  • Offers two options
  • The flat face for fine tuning the top and sides
  • The grooved face to align the sharpened faces of the hook point
  • Use alongside a Swiss Pillar file to achieve ultra-thin hook points
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Off the shelf ready built six inch linkage boom made from 100lb Dyneema a special fibre produced for the medical industry only. Simply attach your lead to the small oval clip, then thread your main line through the large ring and your ready to go!

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Supplied in packs of 10.

Size: L12mm x W8mm

TAZBB – Black
TAZBRB – Black & Red
TAZBYB – Black & Yellow
TAZBBR – Brown
TAZBPB – Black & Pink
TAZBOB – Black & Orange
TAZBBRB – Black & Brown

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This tool allows Zig Barrels or 6-8mm foam to be easily loaded into the TA Zig Kicker.

Position the foam inside the tool so the clasp is halfway along the foam. Then thread the narrow end of the tool up through the retaining loop, teasing the loop over the taper until the preformed loop drops centrally onto the foam barrel.

Supplied in packs of 3.