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    This pair is made from stainless steel, and stored in a fabric sleeve. Also includes three critical distance spot markers.

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    For maximum distance and tight grouping with minimum spillage.

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    Already well known for producing throwing sticks, Korda have now entered the market with a brand new catapult. Korda have produced an item of extreme quality, with a non-slip handle, strong robust elastic and large hard wearing pouch.

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    These boast a number of unique features that sets it apart from any other bait delivery device currently on the market. Features such as a unique ‘scoop’ body shape, allow for rapid, single handed loading.

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    The Spomb is an innovative bait dispenser, made in England, and was developed with great aerodynamics to be cast long distances. It can be used for most bait: no need to mix, no bait spill and opens instantly on hitting the water and a fast aquaplane retrieve.

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    This new 'in between' size will complement our small mini and original large Spomb bait dispensers. The midi Spomb weighs 5oz (140g) loaded with sweet corn and is 200mm in length.

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    The new mini Spomb has the same features. It will be great for coarse fishing and topping up baited areas with minimum disturbance. Due to the smaller diameter, the mini Spomb complies with various fishing competition rules, worldwide, where baiting products cannot exceed 50mm in diameter.

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    Designed to thread onto rear of Spomb Prevents Spomb from sinking Spombs can be retrieved if your line breaks Streamlined design to ensure minimal reduction on maximum casting distance Two per packet: 1x Red & 1x White/Black

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