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The BooStar Wake – “Smooth Operator” a refreshing contribution to soft swimbait creations. The Boostar Wake glides through the water in a soft, straight and natural rocking posture. While maintaining its course during the retrieve the post region of the lure actually moves independently of the fore region creating a second action. This is followed by the thinned kick-tail which makes a third.

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The Nomase Gill has a soft but tough skin with a cold heart of lead. It is a hybrid inside out. While its insides are lead, its flexible outside is not a simple rubber. It`s a polymer with high viscoelasticity. Basically, it is a durable rubber that can stretch really well. So why try this hybrid? With the right rod work, it will imitate the behaviours and avoidance behaviours of bait fish.

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DUO focused their attention in the material composition ratio. With the natural repulsive force of the material and the water grabbing ability brought on by our special surface treatment, this worm was designed to appropriately maneuver at different water pressures (depth). Anglers will be able to appeal to basses in various feeding conditions.

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The material is formed of a floating material with the addition of “salt”, making it easier for the bass to inhale. Thanks to the addition of “salt” in the body, it has enabled anglers achieve great casting distance while the weight and unique body formation creates an attractive splashing sound of a bug when the lure hits the water, attracting fish from a wide area.