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Mozzi mesh infill panels for the Hide Pro and Hide Pro XL for summer protection, with twin zipped door featuring elastic tie backs

Note: Titan Hide Pro and Hide Pro XL Waterproof Infill and Mozzi Infill do not fit T4296 Titan Hide and T4297 Titan Hide XL models.

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Carry All The Rods You Need!

The one product solution to carrying all the rods you need for session work.

 Holds 3 tackled up rods with 50mm ringings.

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With casts recorded to 220 yards during development the Dot Spod Rod is the choice for more accurate baiting at greater distances than ever using the market leading Dot Spods. Their casting potential is limited only by your own technique.

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The best system yet for made up rods!

The proven Nash system of padded tip and butt pouches connected via a length of heavy duty elastic, providing tip and butt rod protection as well as holding rod sections together for ease of fitting in rod skins and holdalls.


Nash Air Cradles advance carp care at a stroke, improving protection, practicality and reducing packdown bulk. Shape and weight distribution makes it an impossibility for a carp to come to harm in an Air Cradle - even the heaviest fish that flaps during unhooking or photography is protected at all times.

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The Apache Rodhodall really does hold all!

The Apache Rodhodall really does hold all! With two zipped external pockets for nets, retainers, banksticks, throwing sticks, pods, baiting poles and the capacity to house three or five made up 12ft rods, it truly is a weapon of a rod holder.

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The fastest sinking, heaviest hook length braid yet.

The fastest sinking, heaviest hook length braid yet. Extra supple for ultimate rig performance, combined with incredible abrasion resistance and advanced camouflage.


Key Features

  • Endless rig applications including adding sight tips to boilies
  • Converting bottom baits to pop ups using Bait Corers
  • Balancing nuts and particle baits and making zig hookbaits
  • Five 45mm lengths per pack.
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Specially selected for securely tying on cork ball pop ups.

Nash waxed bait floss grips baits, blons neatly and blends into the skin of a pop up when a lighter is offered to the finished hookbait. 

50 metres per spool

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Lethal when used in conjunction with a Ronnie Rig!

Threaded metal bait screws used to pierce and grip boilies, pop-ups, nuts, foam and plastic baits ideal for fast hookbait changes without the use of a needle.

Available in 8 and 21mm for hookbait flexibility.

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Nash is one of the largest carp specialist brands on the modern market. It is responsible for the development of much of the terminal tackle, rod supports, and bait we take for granted today, and the name has become synonymous with high quality carp fishing.