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Colmic Double compartment feeder case, size; 39cmx28cmx12.5cm.

Top comartment has a clear lid, Both compartments have slotted adjustable partitions. for complete customisation

Box can be used for a number of uses; feeders, floats, tackle or lures, Robust carrying handle and sucure clips.

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Colmic Wolf PVC keepnet bag, New design, Zip around 3 sides with a sump to collect water.

Easy to put nets in and out due to zip around design 65cm/55cm/17cm takes 2 keepnets nets plus landing nets

Thicker than normal PVC , durable zips, shoulder strap and padded handle


Brand New series of telescopic whips from Colmic, featuring ULAF carbon with a strengthening  spiral weave, making these ideal tools for serious bagging.

Solid carbon tips as standard, with lots of power to lift fish from the water and swing them in. Available from 5 to 8 meters  at a very conpetitive price

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This slim float is ideal for small fish in shallow water up to 5ft deep. The float 'sets' fast and works well on the pole or whip.

Plastic bristle with wire stem.

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Bodied pole float, ideal for fishing Rivers, deep canals and lakes with a bit of tow.

Balsa body, carbon stem, sensitive and highly visable fibre bristle ranging from 0.9- 1mm depending on size of float

This float is a 'Passante' model which has the line going through the body inside a plastic tube meaning the line wont cut through the body, so they'll last a lot longer!


A New Classic from Colmic,

The Berlino Side tray and Accessary bag, designed to accomodate  any size of side tray in the Colmic  catalogue as well as  holding many other components we now all take to the bank with us in its  double compartment, Landing nets,  riddles, side arms and rod rests as an example

The Berlino 900 has a removable shoulder strap and carrying handle thats designed to last due to the tough Teriva material used in its construction, its also Padded to protect its contents

Finished in the classic Colmic Colours of Blue and Black with a modern Orange trim, handles and straps in a lighter blue colour

Size: 88cm x 60cm x23cm

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A damp leam, ideal to be used as a strong binder, for joker and other baits. This leam will make sure your live bait and other baits will get to the bottom of the bed, even in strong currents and over long distances.