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Make your side tray look the part with our Dynamite branded bait tubs in two sizes – 2 pint and 3 pint capacity. Strong reliable perforated lid to ensure no escaping maggots. Robust design.

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Take the attraction of your catfishing hookbaits to the next level with a dunk in this powerful pungent bait dip from Dynamite. Ideal for giving your pellets and boilies an extra kick to make them truly stand out in amongst your free offerings. Although marketed as a catfish hookbait dip this is ideal for giving you carp and course pellets and hoobaits a fishy punch.

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A powerful concentrated blend of liquidised belachan fermented shrimp paste. A well known super strong smelling additive that needs no introduction. Ideal for adding a potent fishy kick to your boilies, particles and pellets as well as pimping up your stick and bag mixes.

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The Dynamite Baits Big Fish Sweet Banoffi Method Mix is a great choice for anglers looking to target all species of fish. The mix contains a combination of sweet and nutty banoffee flavours, which are designed to attract carp, bream and tench. The mix is easy to mix and creates a sticky, clingy consistency, which is ideal for method feeder fishing. The mix is designed to draw fish in and keep them interested.

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Dynamite Baits Bread Crumb is great value for money and can be used on its own or to bulk out a more expensive groundbait mix. The brown helps to turn any groundbait into a light and fluffy mix for fishing the feeder.

Lots of match anglers use the Pure White Crumb as a substitute for liquidised bread as it has a far lower food content and will see you catch for longer. It is also over wet it to make it heavier than liquidised bread or slightly dampen so the dry to mix is more active and hangs in the water.

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Donkey stopper large 22mm or 30mm hook pellets from Dynamite infused with the power of belachan. With a pungent fermented shrimp kick sending out attraction and feeding signals.  You can take this attraction to the next level by combining with the belachan hookbait dip from the same range