Daiwa Hydrolastic

Daiwa Hydrolastic

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Key Features

  • New fully patented pole elastic system
  • Offers multi-phase performance with a wide scale of ratings within one set up
  • Perfect for mixed fisheries and high catch rate venues
  • Available in various sizes and colours
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Daiwa Hydrolastic

Daiwa Hydrolastic

Daiwa is a brand that has been revolutionising tackle since it first arrived on the market almost 60 years ago. Hydrolastic is one of those revolutions, and Daiwa is proud of its status as the original and the best pole elastic on the market. Hydrolastic is an award winning concept and it is one which many other manufacturers have attempted to mimic over the years – none have been as successful as the original. This pole elastic is unique as it is able to offer multi-phase performance and deliver a wide scale of ratings within one set up. This makes it the perfect pole elastic for mixed fisheries and high catch rate venues up and down the country – it is an incredibly durable elastic option which can more than withstand the rigours of an intensive angling session. However, it is also loaded with more give than standard heavy elastics. This makes it the ideal tool for the angler seeking big fish, as it effectively increases the elastic rating as the fish is hooked. In short, the elastic self adjusts based on the fish you hook. This makes it the perfect tool for the angler who has been previously worried about accidentally hooking a fish larger than the ones they are aiming for, as this elastic can cope with a range of fish in a way that other elastics are simply unable to. This alone should be enough to persuade you that Daiwa Hydrolastic is the ideal elastic choice for your angling. However, this isn’t the only feature that sets the Hydrolastic apart from the crowd.

The Hydrolastic has a completely hollow construction. When it was first designed, this was a completely unique concept and, much like the adjustable elastic rating, it is a feature which many other angling companies have attempted to mimic with limited success. This hollow space is then filled with a patented high performance fluid – the recipe for which is an industry secret and is kept as furtively as the Kentucky Fried Chicken spice mix! This dual construction means that the elastic stretches initially, but as the internal walls close in they are held apart by the fluid. This stops the elastic from over stretching and weakening, making it incredibly high wearing. In fact, this is one of the most durable elastics on the market – causing anglers to re-purchase it time and time again as they trust so ardently in its abilities.

Daiwa knew it was onto something special when it designed the Hydrolastic and, as such, the entire design of this pole elastic has been patented. Daiwa Hydrolastic is available not only in multiple ratings but multiple colours, too. Both micro and standard Hydrolastic come in black, blue, yellow, pink, white, purple, orange, brown, red, and grey. This allows you to choose the elastic which best suits your angling style, the venue you’re targeting, and the fish you’re looking to land.

Daiwa is the Japanese company which is considered a world expert across all areas of tackle design and manufacture. The brand was established in the 1950s and it initially focussed its attention on reel design. However, the brand soon branched out into other areas of the industry and it now manufactures a variety of essential tackle items for carp, coarse, specialist, and sea fishing anglers. It also manufactures tackle for anglers across the budgets, making it a favourite with novice and lifelong anglers alike. This Hydrolastic is part of the brand’s extensive match fishing range, which contains a range of poles, keepnets, and countless other match fishing essentials for the dedicated angler.

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