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    The range of rods designed to make you feel real PRO. Herakles  have been testing these rods in both Italian and international tournaments throughout 2012, with excellent results.  High quality carbon, appropriate actions to every situation, resistant blank, Sea-Guide guides and good finishing  are the essence of a series of rods worthy of a true PRO.

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    In this rod series you will certainly find the right two pieces rod for you. The actions are expressly designed to suit the most capturing salt & fresh water fishing techniques. The perfect rods for catching trout, chub, perch, black bass, but also to catch catfish, pike, bass, bluefish, barracuda and many other predators.

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    “They fly like butterflies and sting like bees”: lightweight, sensitive and reactive rods. This solid tip rod series in two sections is the Herakles answer to the “super-quality” needs the street-fisher, the rock fisher and trout spin fishing competition fishermen are always in search of. These rods are developed for them.

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    BWR the evolution of the species. Black and aggressive, but above all ready and sensitive. The specific rod actions are the result of years of “fishing on the limit” in lakes and rivers throughout Europe and beyond. We decided to go further, using high modulus carbon, the most innovative resins and well established Sea Guide guides.

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    These rods are pure fun. Regular action rods offering you to enjoy every second from the moment you strike to the end of the fight. Thanks to their specific actions these rods will guarantee long casts, complete control on the bait during the retrieve and exciting fights. 

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    Finally available on the market this new series of rods from Herakles is dedicated to ultra light lure fishing. The main feature of Area rods is that the action is purely parabolic and will prove great fun for LRF, Dropshotting or any ultra light lure fishing

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    The Trout Area technique is evolving all the time and Herakles is consequently evolving too. Lighter, more sensitive, more balanced and higher performance. The Genesi rod range has a Japanese styling, made to perfectly suit European anglers needs.

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