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    This crayfish has floating claws. At a standstill, the Ring Craw's ringed claws stand up like those of a crayfish in a defensive position. When the fish tests the taste of these tongs, it receives a real discharge of attractants. The reaction is immediate: it swallows the Ring Craw! Also very effective during the descent phase thanks to its hyper-mobile...

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    The Rockvibe Shad 3" is THE go to lure for many predator anglers! Mounted on a jig head, finesse jig trailer or even drop-shot, it is an extremely versatile lure that has proved successful on all predators freshwater and salt water. This little shad has the distinction of having an oval section (Oval Body Design) which gives it a very pronounced rolling...

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    Regarded in Japan as the benchmark for "straight worm", the Swamp Reins has unparalleled flexibility. In addition, the shrimp / salt attractant combination allows the Swamp Micro to make a difference to highly educated fish. Swamp worms are an extremely versatile soft lure that will allow you to adapt to all fishing situations.

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